North Fayette Valley mascot contest announced


North Fayette Valley mascot contest announced


Now that the school’s name, nickname, and colors are finalized, it is time to determine what a TigerHawk really is. 

Students and community members are invited to participate in this contest to design the TigerHawk that will represent the school.

What is a TigerHawk?

That is up to the artist.

“We want to see what people come up with, and we will have a committee that will select the winner,” said Todd Wolverton, North Fayette high school principal and activities director. “I am actually curious as to what will come forward. I know that we have some very talented artists among the students at both schools, and I know that there are many folks in the communities that will have some creative ideas.”

In addition to the mascot, the school is seeking images for the names and nicknames.

“We are looking for a way to distinguish our school, to develop an identity. We want some consistency in the font or typeface that is used, so that we can create a ‘look’ that makes people notice,” Wolverton said.

He added, “If you look at colleges, and now a lot of high schools, they have defined their image and have entered the world of branding. It is our intent to do the same.”

North Fayette Valley intends to license the intellectual property when the winning submissions are determined so that it has control over the use. In the past at North Fayette, there were a number of different hawks used as a logo or mascot, nearly all of them from the public domain.

With the changes coming with whole-grade sharing, the plan is to have a consistent use of the same image so that people recognize it as North Fayette Valley.

Participants are free to enter as many images as they want and may enter any or all three of the categories. 

Winners will be recognized for their efforts and contributions in a manner yet to be determined. Once the choices are made, it is possible that adjustments are made to the original submission for the purpose of enhancement, and those chosen will become the property of North Fayette Valley.


Mascot/Logo – A side view and ¾ front view of a TigerHawk; a color rendering using black, Columbia blue, and silver; a black and white rendering.

• Font/Word Mark/Typeface – A font/typeface to use for the school name (North Fayette Valley), school initials (NFV), and nickname (TigerHawks). NOTE: TigerHawks is one word and uses a capital T and capital H; a color rendering of the font/word mark/typeface; a black and white rendering of the font/word mark/typeface; combinations of the font/word mark/typeface and mascot.

• School Seal – A school seal that includes, but is not limited to, a reference to the school name and an image that references academics/education; a color and black and white rendering.

All submissions are to be original ideas; as copyrighted or licensed property will not be accepted or considered. All submissions must be sent to Todd Wolverton at North Fayette High School, P.O. box 73, West Union, IA 52175, and must be received by Friday, March 15. A committee will judge submissions and winning submissions, will be announced Wednesday, March 27.

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