UIC All-Stars to put on a show


The annual UIC Senior All-Star Basketball Game is always a delightful show, and the fans never really know exactly what to expect.

This year’s contest is set for Monday, March 11, at North Fayette High School in West Union. It promises to be as exciting and full of mystery as always.

There will be boys’ and girls’ basketball games and a 3-point shooting contest, as well as the girls’ free throw shooting contest, the co-ed 2-ball shooting contest, and the very popular boys’ slam-dunk contest, 

What fans don’t know is how all these events will play out. There can be many surprises.

Will there be no fouls, like one year, or will a referee draw a foul as happened in last year’s contest!

Will some players try new things, like a post player who never shot outside almost winning the 3-point contest? Will the winning shot come in the final second? 

How about the year a player doing a turn-around jumper from 4-point range in the final second decided the 2-ball contest? Or last year when a reserve that was 2-7 for the year from beyond the arc hit nine treys to win the 3-point contest.

Also last year, the winning team in the 2-ball contest had to let fly a long trey at the buzzer for the win.


The games themselves are fiercely competitive but always full of surprises. Remember the year a boys’ game ended in a tie as the entire squad on one team escorted the entire squad on the opposing team down the court for the tying basket?

With all the talent on the floor – and there will be a number of college coaches in the stands evaluating the talent – someone will step up and win the MVP award – and it’s not always the biggest name coming in!

Throw in some contests and door prizes for the fans, and the evening promises to be full of fun, surprises and some exciting basketball.

The action begins at 6 p.m. with admission at $3.


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