Dunn resigns from Fayette police force

Dusty Dunn Resigns


Dunn resigns from Fayette police force


Janell Bradley
Contributing Writer


Fayette Police Chief Dusty Dunn has resigned.

Mayor Bill Dohrmann confirmed Tuesday that Dunn, chief of police for approximately eight years, submitted his resignation Monday.

In a special meeting Thursday, March 7, the council went into closed session to discuss the police chief's employment status with attorney Jeff Clements, but returned to open session after an hour, taking no action.

In the interim, Dunn continued to work administratively with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, agreeing to patrol the community. Police Officer Sierra Fox, in her first year with the department and slated to begin training with the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in April, was told to take vacation time, until the council at its meeting on Monday told her to return to work.

Fox's continued employment with the City was the only item of new or old business on Monday's agenda.

Several Upper Iowa University security officers attended Monday's meeting, after some on the council earlier suggested discussion on alternatives to a City-operated police force.

At Monday's council meeting, Bernie Scroggins, of UIU's security team said, "I've never seen Fayette without a police department, and I wouldn't want to see it without one."

The security officers told the council they only patrol the main campus, which does not include any apartment buildings. And on weekends, the staff provide just eight hours of security from Thursday to Sunday.

From the public, Kris McGrane said, "We are a big enough city and with the college here, we need a police force in town for quicker response."

City Attorney David Hanson also recommended the council not eliminate its police department. Councilmembers Doug McReynolds and Braulic Caballero said they favor maintaining a police department. No other council members offered comment.

Although Dunn's resignation was anticipated by the City, it was not added to the council’s agenda Monday night. No action on the resignation has been taken.

Tuesday, the council posted notice of a work session for Wednesday, March 20, to hear the pros and cons of contracted law enforcement. Sheriff Marty Fisher, retired deputy Brad Minger and Oelwein Police Chief Jeremy Logan were slated to speak.

Mayor Dohrmann refused to comment on the terms of Dunn's resignation.

Earlier this year, the council voted to reduce the amount of local option sales tax proceeds allocated to the police department.

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