Back to the future for NF graduates


Back to the future for NF graduates

By Mike Van Sickle
Union editor

Although the current whole-grade sharing agreement between the North Fayette and Valley Community school districts is not a consolidation, patrons of both school districts realize that the 2013 seniors could be the last graduating classes of the two respective school districts. 

At North Fayette, a pair of families include members of the inaugural North Fayette Class of 1985 and Class of 2013. During Sunday’s commencement ceremonies, Darby Jellings will be watching his daughter, Rachel, while Jane (given name Delores Moritz) Gamm will be observing her son, Matthew, accept their respective diplomas in the Performing Arts Center.

“We (family) have talked about it quite a bit in recent weeks,” said Jane. “Matthew is the youngest of our (her and husband Mark’s) three children, so he could be the last North Fayette graduate of our family.”

“It really hasn’t hit me yet,” Matthew earlier commented. “I’ll probably think about it more after I graduate.

“I wasn’t really surprised about the whole grade sharing agreement. I think everyone realized it was going to happen sooner or later,” he added. “Although there may be a sense of North Fayette losing its identity, I’m excited for the North Fayette Valley students.”

“I’m excited to see how good the sports teams and other extracurricular activities are going to be,” Rachel agreed. “I feel like there will be a lot of good things for the North Fayette Valley students to benefit from.

“I actually wish I could be a part of that, be a part of a whole new group of people, and meeting new friends,” she smiled. “I think it would be a great experience to prepare you better for going to college.”

Both students noted that the North Fayette and Valley FFA chapters have already started doing activities together.

“Everyone quickly finds out that there are really no differences between us. Once you get over the fact that you are members of different schools, you get along fine,” said Matthew. “The biggest thing is not to be afraid to talk with each other.”

“You should really get to know someone before you judge them. Do your best to get along with them (students from another school),” Rachel advised the incoming classes.

Darby and Jane shared similar words of advice for the future students of North Fayette Valley.

The members of the North Fayette Class of 1985 were actually introduced to each other as junior high students, with then North Fayette County Community School District and Fayette School Community School District sharing exploratory classes in voc ag, industrial arts, home economics, and advanced math.

“It provided us with a lot of new opportunities in such classes as shop and ag,” said Darby, a former Fayette High School student.

“Actually, adding the color red to North High’s school colors is what I remember being the biggest issue at the time,” Jane acknowledged. “It didn’t bother me a bit. The transition was easy for me.”

Most of all, Darby and Jane both admitted that the consolidation allowed each of them to make new friends, many of whom became best friends.

“If they (North Fayette Valley students) keep an open mind they will discover that everything will work out for the best,” Darby added.

“The last four years go way too fast. Enjoy it as much as you can,” Matthew advised the incoming high school students.

“Above all else, savor every memory you make and have no regrets,” closed Rachel.


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