Ossian benefits from Eagle Scouts


The community of Ossian will greatly benefit from the efforts of Lucas and Logan Brincks (l-r) as the Ossian-area Boy Scouts work to raise funds to erect a 10-foot-tall town clock and LED electronic sign in an effort to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. (submitted photo) 




Ossian benefits from Eagle Scouts

By Amber Hovey
Contributing writer

Logan and Lucas Brincks have been involved with Boy Scouts since they were 10; now the two are hoping to become Eagle Scouts.

To achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, the boys are required to earn 33 merit badges. Both have earned a number of badges in areas such as first aid, wood carving, horsemanship, communications and wilderness survival.

In order to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, each must complete a project that benefits the community. They must also do the fundraising for the project. 

Lucas chose to place an LED electronic sign in Ossian. The sign would display events and messages to passerby. 

“I chose one that I liked and I believed would be great for our town,” said Lucas. “The electronic sign can display events going on in Ossian, and it can also be used to tell the time of meetings or different events.”

Logan, on the other hand, has chosen to install a 10-foot-tall town clock on Main Street.

“After approaching the Crown Club, I was informed the town has been thinking about a town clock for a number of years,” Logan explained.

“The clock will stand as a functional landmark to enhance the visual appeal of Main Street,” he added.

The planning process for both of the Ossian natives has spanned a number of months.

The town had to approve the projects, and both Scouts had to arrange fundraising events as well as apply for grants. 

Participating in Boy Scouts and this project, Logan and Lucas feel they have gained valuable leadership and management skills.

“I have learned how to take charge, being one of the oldest Scouts at the time,” said Lucas.

“I have learned the importance of self-monitoring progress and adjusting efforts to reach the desired goal,” Logan added.

In addition to being active Boy Scouts, Lucas is treasurer of his 4-H club, FFA and will be treasurer for his class’s Student Government next school year. 

Logan is president of his 4-H club and FFA and will be president of his senior class for 2013-14.

Both Ossian boys hope to achieve their Eagle Scout rank in late fall, depending on the completion of their projects.

Logan and Lucas acknowledge that becoming an Eagle Scout requires work, but also emphasize the rewards.

“The rank of Eagle Scout is the most prestigious award given to any Boy Scout. It is not easily achieved, but with hard work and dedication, it is attainable for all boys,” concluded Logan.

The boys’ brother Devin became an Eagle Scout in 2007.

For more information on the Brincks’ projects as well as resources to donate visit the boys’ website at www.ossianeagles.webs.com.

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