NFV mascot/logo narrowed to three


CUTLINE: Pictured are the three finalists for the North Fayette Valley mascot/logo. The North Fayette and Valley school boards will each review the recommendation(s) at their respective regular board meetings in August.



NFV mascot/logo narrowed to three 

The new mascot/logo for North Fayette Valley has been narrowed to three choices. Recommendations are scheduled to go before the North Fayette and Valley school boards during their respective regular meetings in August.

North Fayette officials have confirmed that contrary to false rumors on Facebook there is no official mascot yet for North Fayette Valley.  

While expressing his appreciation to all those who participated, North Fayette Valley High School Principal Todd Wolverton reported Monday that approximately 25 entries were received from elementary students to professional graphic artists.

North Fayette Valley intends to license the winning entry so that it has control over its use. With the changes forthcoming during whole-grade sharing beginning in 2013-1014, the plan is to have a consistent use of the same image so that people recognize it as North Fayette Valley.

All submissions were to be original ideas; copyrighted or licensed property was not accepted or considered. 







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