Frana: It’s all a comedy act








Frana: It’s all a comedy act


Becky Walz
News Editor


“It’s a dream come true,” said Calmar native Daniel Frana of being center stage as a comedian.

His passion for comedy came soon after his parents, Paul and Jeannie Frana, installed cable TV in their home.

“I was introduced to the Comedy Central station and would fake being sick so I could stay home and watch stand-up all day,” admitted the genetics major at the University of Iowa.

While in high school, Frana had been involved in the annual South Winn variety show for four years, performed in the high school play his senior year and participated in improvisation in large and small group speech for three years.

Graduating in 2009, Frana made a guest appearance on the local high school stage the following year to perform some of his comedy act.

His first stage act took place in August 2011 at an Iowa City bar called the Yacht Club, and since that time his interest and style have continued to grow.

Frana said that most of his original routines materialize when he sees “something weird.”

“I tend to think about it for awhile or talk to friends about it to see how I can add it to my comedy act,” Frana noted.

As he contemplates adding jokes to his routine, several comedians usually meet before shows to discuss new jokes, try them out on each other, and give each other pointers on where to add the punchline.

“It’s a very collaborative thing that we do,” the young entertainer said.


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